About YNPN Austin

YNPN Austin is a volunteer-run organization, with its Board of Directors providing the strategic vision as well as day to day management of the organization. As such, YNPN does not have an office. For general inquiries, please email YNPN Austin.

We are a local community of nonprofit staffers, volunteers, board members, and philanthropists promoting the professional development of passionate new leaders by:

  • Producing leaders for nonprofits that are well-rooted in nonprofit excellence
  • Maintaining a network of innovative leaders that change how Austin nonprofits work together
  • Changing people’s perceptions about the power and importance of the nonprofit sector
  • Offering professional development workshops to acquire relevant skills and valuable knowledge
  • Organizing social and service events to facilitate the development of a professional network
  • Distributing current news and events to keep our members informed of community and national activities and endeavors.
Annual memberships only cost $30, with discounts offered for AmeriCorps and students, as well as scholarships. Visit our membership page to learn more and purchase your individual or organizational membership. YNPN Austin offers a range of member benefits including professional development events, networking opportunities, and monthly email digests that include nonprofit jobs, news, and events.

Austin Chapter History

The Austin Chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network was initiated in 2003 by staff members of Greenlights for Nonprofit Success, a management support organization now known as Mission Capital. It found swift flight in January 2006 with a crew of fresh, passionate leaders.

In 2011, YNPN Austin received 501(c)(3) status. In 2018, after extensive research of other young professional development organizations, YNPN Austin moved to a paid membership model. This enabled YNPN Austin to expand professional development opportunities for members. YNPN Austin also added positions to its Board of Directors to recruit, engage, and improve member experience, as well as positions to create a curriculum for professional development and at-large positions to improve governance.

In 2021, YNPN Austin has reached 28 board members and 5 committees to strengthen and grow a network of engaged leaders.